Lady Gaga ‘leaves blood in bath’


Lady Gaga ‘leaves blood in bath’

The Marry The Night singer, who is known for her eccentric behaviour, has now been accused by staff at the plush Intercontinental Hotel of “bathing in blood as part of a Satanic ritual” after a housekeeper found the tub of red stuff in GaGa’s suite.

Lady Gaga “left large amounts of blood” in a hotel suite bath, it has been claimed.

The eccentric singer reportedly left a tub filled with a red substance believed to be blood after staying at the Intercontinental Hotel in London.

One housekeeper at the upmarket hotel claimed the singer was “bathing in blood as part of a ritual”. The hotel worker revealed the odd find to Truthquake.

“Lady Gaga left large amounts of blood in the suite during a stay in the summer. The incident was reported to the concierge, who was told to put it out of her mind,” she explained to the website.

An insider added that the majority of people working at the establishment believed the outlandish star was using the liquid for one of her famously strange rituals.

“All of the hotel’s staff are convinced she was bathing in it or, at the very least, using it as part of one of her new costumes or weird stage routines,” another source added.

Gaga is famed for her unconventional outfits and bizarre stage routines. She wore a dress made entirely of raw meat to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

The songstress also arrived encased in a giant egg to last year’s Grammy awards.

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